Zaxis. Precision and people.

We’ve been designing and building precision testing equipment for over 20 years. All those years have taught us a lot. We understand that our high quality customers are just as important as our high quality products. We’re just big enough to make a dent in the world and just small enough to remember where we came from and what we stand for. We’re problem solvers at heart. We’re here to help. We’re pleased to meet you. We are Zaxis.

What makes Zaxis different?

  • All Zaxis products are made in the USA.
  • Exceptional customer support. If you have an issue, call us directly. No phone tree. Just real people ready to help.
  • Fast turnarounds. Calibrations, shipments, even custom designs that can meet your deadlines.
  • CE certified products. Local, regional, national, and international manufacturing regulations are important to us.
  • Customizable solutions and fittings. Have a specialty product or test? We can design a solution that fits your needs.

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