Ankle Bracelet

The manufacturer of ankle bracelet monitors faced a difficult challenge: the monitors worked well when dry but could quickly short out applications9_big_imagewhen exposed to water, say when the wearer took a shower or bath. Detecting points where water could leak in was critical to the bracelets’ success.

In response, Zaxis custom designed an interface that completely contains the ankle bracelet and allows for the manufacturer to perform vacuum decay tests on the sealed components.

The sealing fixture also can accommodate pressure decay tests.

Whether your application requires vacuum leak detection, pressure decay testing, mass flow or any type of leak testing, Zaxis can provide the right solution for your application. Contact us now to learn how.

Recommended Product

For this application Zaxis recommends the Isaac-HD leak tester with both pressure and vacuum decay.

Isaac-HD Leak Tester

Isaac-HD Leak Tester

TheĀ Isaac HD air leak detector offers a large full-color graphic display and outstanding signal processing for unparalleled test stability and repeatability.

The Isaac HD is particularly well-suited for such air leak tests as:


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