VMP Tri-Pump

Our VMP metering pumps have been recently awarded a US Patent for the method of dynamic dispense adjustment.┬áThese three-phase variable metering pumps provide large dispense volumes with less “pulsing”.Custom automatic variable metering pump

Featuring true positive displacement, the three pumps can operate “120 degrees out of phase” for a pulse-free flow or can run concurrently for high displacement.

The Tri-Pump also offers seal-less design, a chemically inert fluid path and a ceramic piston and sleeve. Other features include:

Available as PLC or computer compatible, Tri-Pump metering pumps are networkable, with up to 100 pumps running on a single RS485 bus.

Features include:

  • Stepper motor controlled adjustable shot size
  • 0.5% accuracy over range
  • High duty cycle (82 million cycles)
  • Interchangeable pump heads
  • On board, micro-controller with dual motor amps

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Specifications for Zaxis variable metering pump

Specifications don’t mean anything unless you understand how they impact your manufacturing process, which is why we have provided the following table!</a>