Flexible communication options allow you to connect your Zaxis leak tester to automation network in the way that works best for you.

24 VDC I/O – Memory mapped banks with Programmable Logic Controllers

Ethernet TCP/IP – Safe and fast connection with less overhead than a wireless network

EtherNet/IP – Industrial network protocol designed for real time communication between all devices, not just those connected to controllers

RS232 – Simple legacy system to system communication with long supported distance

RS485 – Simple legacy system to system communication with long supported distance

USB – Common and reliable interface with auto-configuration

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Zaxis PD USB, I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP
iKit RS232, I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP
Isaac HD RS232, I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP
Zaxis 7i USB*, RS232, I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP*

*EtherNet/IP and USB can not both exist on the same device.

eVmP EtherNet/IP, RS485
eVmP Micro EtherNet/IP, RS485
eVmP V6 EtherNet/IP, RS485
eVmP Dual EtherNet/IP, RS485


Remote Monitoring & Configuration Software


  • Data archiving limited by diskspace
  • Displays of real time data
  • Full turnkey solution with one click discovery of new leak testers
  • Easy data export and import to SQL databases, Excel, etc.
  • Easy setup of one to many leak testers
  • Simple backup and restore of leak tester parameters
  • Comparison of all leak tester parameters
  • Different user permission levels