Electronic Variable Metering Pump Introduction

eVmP Metering Pumps

Rotating and Reciprocating Valve-Less Ceramic Piston Design with Electronic Variability and Positive Displacement.

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Electronic Variable Metering Pump Introduction Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to Zaxis’ video blog, today we’re going to talk about our eVmP product line. The eVmP, or electronic variable metering pump, is a pretty cool product. It’s a patented technology. Our patent relies around the electronic adjustment of this mechanical hinge. We are the only company that has this type of Technology. What’s really cool is that you can go from 0 to, let’s say, a hundred microliters, or anywhere in-between with a simple touch of a button. The precision made in ceramics that live inside the pump head have about a 1% accuracy over the whole range, as well as half a percent coefficient of variation. So it’s extremely repeatable and precise, which is ideal for your metering pump application. What’s really unique about this the eVmP is that in a manufacturing environment, if you want to change shot sizes, you just do it with the TSI, or via RS485, or EtherNet/IP. You simply change the shot volume and send the command to the pump without recalibrating the pump. You’re already set at 10 microliters, or whatever your application requires. Again, this is one of the only products in the market that has this precision, as well as convenience. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, go to our website at zaxisinc.com or call us at 801 264 1000.