Company Fitness Challenge

Pedometer Challenge

Use any application or device you would like to track your steps. If you do not have a pedometer there are several located in the break room (notify Jackie if we run out). Enter the number of steps you have taken for the entire week. Be sure to add your steps for any activities you participated in to your total number. See Activity Conversion Chart

The team with the most steps will be posted every week for bragging rights. At the end of the month the team with the most total steps wins!

CLICK HERE for the Activity Conversion chart.

Team 1

  • Will D.
  • Doug H.
  • Gus T.
  • Steve S.
  • Chris J.

Team 2

  • Tom W.
  • Sergio S.
  • Joel P.
  • Jack V.
  • Reagan T.

Team 3

  • Jason S.
  • Brenda B.
  • Don P.
  • Mike O.
  • Terence H.

Team 4

  • Steve G.
  • Jared H.
  • Charlie B.
  • Dave R.
  • Ray W.

Team 5

  • Zac P.
  • Casey H.
  • Tyson J.
  • C-Ray D.
  • Kim C.

Change-It-Up Challenge

This challenge is to encourage everyone to participate and stay active. It is not a competition, don’t worry about how good or bad you may be and try new things.

Every month a different employee will get to choose a physical activity that they enjoy. It can be a game such as tennis or ultimate frisbee or something more traditional such as walking or weight lifting. Share your interests. Have fun and be creative.

At the end of the year people who consistently participate will receive something special (details on that to come). You can indicate your participation in this challenge when you submit your weekly steps in the Pedometer Challenge form.

October Challenge

Biking & Yoga

Get out on those bikes before the weather gets too cold. Don’t have a bike? Talk to those who do and put together a group ride. 

Yoga is a great way to relax and re-center yourself. Try stretching before you go to bed or after you wake up. The exercise room at the office is a great place to take a break and center yourself. Trying a few yoga poses and focusing on your breathing is a wonderful way to de-stress.