Leak Testing Options & Accessories

The range of applications that can be leak tested is tremendous. These options and accessories can help adapt any Zaxis leak tester to perfectly suit you application.


Zaxis uses the highest quality thermally isolated aseptic valves, excellent for use in clean room applications such as can be found in the medical field.


The Zaxis testers utilize the latest in industrial network protocols including distributed I/O, USB, Ethernet–TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP. Legacy connectivity is also available in the form of RS232.

Channel Sequencers

Concurrent testers run a single test on multiple channel outputs. Sequential testers have a single sensor that is routed to test through one of four channel outputs, testing only one output at a time.


A pressure regulator is a control valve that reduces house air pressure to the designated test pressure. Zaxis testers can use either electronic or manual regulator(s).


The Isaac HD multi-tester in a NEMA enclosure offers the same functionality as the Isaac HD or Zaxis 7i leak tester in a larger sealed enclosure.

Leak Standard

A leak standard is a calibrated, simulated leak that can be used in circuit with the part under test.


The port on the Zaxis PD is a female 1/4 NPT. The port on the iKit, Issac HD, and Zaxis 7i is a female 1/8 NPT. Any compatible fitting may be used.

Quick Connect Pneumatic Sealer

Instant pneumatic connections for smooth or threaded external tubes of various sizes. Optional medical grade materials including FDA approved neoprene seals and clear anodized aluminum construction are available. For questions or quotes on quick connect pneumatic sealers, please speak to a sales representative.

Fast Fill

Fast Fill is an option for the Isaac HD and Zaxis 7i that allows the product under test to be filled at a quicker rate. Typically, this requires the use of a second port, aside from the test port, with its own pressure regulator.

Speak to a Leak Testing Specialist

Our leak test specialist are happy to answer any questions you may have about test types and which tester would best suit your products needs. 

Leak Testing Fixtures

Need to fit a leak test into your automation process and safety requirements. Once you decide which Zaxis tester works best for your application tell us about your automation process and safety requirements. We will design something perfect for your environment.

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