Leak Tester Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Our leak tester TSi (Touch Screen Interface) is a built-in or detachable liquid crystal touch screen display, designed for test adaptability and ease of use. Interface options include: Touchscreen Calibration, Clock, I/O Setup, Data Logging, Lock tester, Change PIN, Serial Port, Ethernet Settings.

  • Easily programable parameters (test times and limits)
  • Two test displays; Large Numeric or Graphic Trend Line
  • Six selectable engineering units (psig, mbar, mmHg, inH2O, kPa, cmH2O, inHg)
  • Simple calibration
  • Data Logging
  • Lock tester parameters, calibration, or current program (physical barrel key is optional)
  • Included Stylus for ease and accuracy of touch screen interaction

Easy Set-up and Operation

One of the key benefits to the Zaxis family of leak testers is ease of use. Just a few quick steps will get any Zaxis leak tester from out of box to fully operational.

  1. The first thing you see when turning on your tester is the About screen which will automatically change to the Run screen after about 5 seconds.
  2. On the Run screen select the leak tester parameters button Parameters button.
  3. On the Parameters Pressure screen leak tester pressure button set your test type (in the top bar) and your test pressure.
  4. Select the Parameters Settings screen leak tester settings button to set your test timers and limits.
  5. If applicable, select the Parameters Fixture screen leak tester fixture button to set the timer for your fixture clamps.
  6. Press the leak terser play start button Play button or the Green Start button  to initiate your test.


Annual sensor calibration is crucial for proper sensor function and accuracy.

In order to precisely calibrate a sensor, you need a pre-calibrated instrument to test against. This instrument must be calibrated according to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and achieve an accuracy at least four times higher than that of the sensor you are calibrating.

The sensors in your Zaxis tester should be calibrated annually. If you do not have a calibration instrument to test against you can send your Zaxis tester into our service department for proper calibration. If you are located outside the US, a local calibration house may be a more practical solution.

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For more information on our leak testers see our frequently asked questions page or contact one of our customer service representatives.

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