Leak Testing Solutions for Electronics

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Many sensitive electronics require leak testing as part of their manufacturing quality assurance. When not properly tested, electronics can become very vulnerable to their environment. Implantable devices and devices intended for use outside, under water, or in space all need to be leak tested to ensure the safety and proper functionality of their electronic components. 

  • Glucose Sensor Implant
  • Smart Phone
  • Smart Watch
  • Diving Watch
  • Underwater Lights
  • Automotive Proximity Sensor
  • Wireless Tower Antennas

Leak Testing for IP Standards

Ingress protection is a critical part of product development particularly in the medical device assembly and electronics industries. Using IP Code is a standardized way to define just how leak proof a product is without using ambiguous terms such as...

Battery Manufacturing

Battery manufacturing is an ever-expanding industry that is constantly adapting to new technology. The rising expectations of battery technology generates innovation at a rate seldom matched by other industries. A battery production line must be designed...

Manufacturing Electronic Sensor Catheters

Due to the growing number of sensing catheters, consistent and reliable manufacturing is vital. Leak testing both the catheter tubing and sensors needs to be done accurately with acute precision.

Chamber Leak Test

A chamber test is used to find leaks in sealed packaging or sealed devices that do not include an opening to use for filling.

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Electronic Leak Testing Solutions

Suggested Leak Testers for Electronics

Isaac HD

Zaxis Isaac HD Multifunction leak tester

Customizable Air Leak Testing Made Easy

Zaxis 7i

Zaxis 7i

Large Display Leak Tester

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