Multi-Lumen Catheter.

Multi-Lumen Catheter – Vacuum Decay Leak Testing with 4 Channels

Leak testing multi-lumen catheters can be quite expensive. Zaxis minimizes this expense by providing you with the Isaac HD4. The Isaac HD4 is a four channel sequential and/or concurrent leak tester designed for multi-lumen catheter manufacturers. The Zaxis Isaac HD4, four channel sequential tester enables you to test multiple ports sequentially thereby negating the need for multiple leak testers bringing you significant cost savings!

The Isaac four channel sequential tester is ideal for evaluating multi-lumen catheters. The tester can check any product that has multiple parts or multiple passages (up to four) that can be tested in sequence. If a catheter with fewer lumens needs to be tested, Isaac models are available in two and three channels enabling you to maximize your resources more effectively.

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How it Works

  1. Product is attached to each test port. Isaac’s test program is started.
  2. The distal end of the catheter is sealed, using our catheter nest, to block skives and other openings.
  3. Air is supplied at test pressure to the Isaac-HD output port through valve V1. Valves V2, V3 and V4 are opened to the atmosphere.
  4. The first lumen, L1, is leak tested. If the lumen leaks to ATM or to any other lumen the Isaac-HD detects the leak.
  5. Each additional lumen (L2 through L4) is leak test in sequence.
  6. After leak testing, the sealing clamp can be removed from the catheter and Isaac-HD can check each lumen for occlusion.

Channel Sequencers

Multi-lumen Sealing Fixture

Zaxis created a multi-lumen sealing fixture, which allowed for each line to be tested independently and which worked in tandem with a four-channel multi-purpose leak tester to meet the customer’s complex challenge. Our complete testing solution provided for automatic sealing of the standard luers that entered the leak tester, along with blocking the appropriate points for leak testing and then opening them for flow testing. Whether you need solo vacuum decay leak testing or a more complex combination of tests, Zaxis can design the right solution for your application. Zaxis is dedicated to providing you a comprehensive solution for your leak testing needs. Please reach out to us or download some literature to learn more about our applications and products.

Custom Fixtures

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Recommended Product

Isaac HD Multi Channel Air Leak Testing
Isaac HD Multi Channel Air Leak Testing
The Isaac HD air leak tester offers a large full-color graphic display and outstanding signal processing for unparalleled test stability and repeatability.

The Isaac HD is particularly well-suited for such air leak tests as:

To learn more about our Isaac HD air leak detector, download the Zaxis Isaac HD Datasheet or contact us to put Zaxis’ leak detection expertise to work for your business.



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