Volumetric Leak Tester

Pressure Decay Tester without an air supply

Volumetric Leak Tester

Pressure Decay Leak Tester without an air supply!

The volumetric leak tester uses a plunger to generate a fixed volume of air without being attached to house air. No house air needed! This leak tester was originally conceived for filling and performing a pressure decay test on balloon catheters but has been expanded to multiple leak testing applications like chamber testing etc. Chamber testing is ideal for performing pressure decay tests on sealed parts such as sealed electronics or wearables.  

Large 7″ Color Touch Screen

EtherNet/IP Compatible 

Up to 100 Stored Programs

Watch the 7i perform a volumetric leak test on a balloon catheter.

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10″ wide, 8″ high, 9″ deep

Room to fit a large 7″ color touch screen for easy use and more internal space for custom configurations.


.00001 PSI

High sensitivity ensures your parts are within your manufacturing specification.

Test Port Fitting

1/8 FNPT female bulkhead

The most common leak tester fittings are the Male Luer, Male Luer Lock, Female Luer Lock, 5 mm compression, 6 mm compression and the Staubli T. Click here to learn more about fittings.

Pressure Range

Range: 0 – 100 psi,

More options available. 

Several sized of the NEMA enclosure are available to best fit your environment.

Types 1-4

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Large 7″ color touch screen

Large touch screen for high readability and ease of use. Intuitive intercase makes test setup quick and easy, no need for lengthy training session.


Custom Configurations Available

Zaxis allows customers to customize their configuration to their specific application ensuring Zaxis’ products always remain relevant.

Test Types

Each tester can be configured for a multitude of different test types enabling you to minimize your leak testing expenses and maximize your floor space.

Stored Programs


Up to 100 stored programs allow you to program and automat your leak testing specifications minimizing user error.

Media Compatibility

Clean, dry, non-corrosive gasses

Media must be compatible with Aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Please contact us if there is a conflict and we can examine alternative solutions.


USB, RS232, I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP), Optional EtherNet/IP

Multiple communication options specific to your application.


115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz auto sensing, 60 Watts

Universal power requirements allows us to ship testers all over the world.


Max of 60 cc per cycle 

Each stroke of the plunger is 60 ccs 

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