Leak Testers

The modular design of Zaxis leak testers enables us to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications.

Configure a Leak Tester

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*NEW* Zaxis PD

A wall mounted, lower cost, single channel alternative for manufacturing cell configurations.


A slim, compact design that saves on valuable manufacturing space. Easy to concatenate together for automation.

Isaac HD

The modular design makes it the work horse of the leak tester family.

Zaxis 7i

Large feature capacity including a large, easy to use, color touchscreen.

Options & Accessories

The range of applications that can be leak tested is tremendous. Options and accessories such as valves, fittings and communication options can help adapt any Zaxis leak tester to perfectly suit your application.


When a challenging application cannot be solved by our standard products, we utilize our specialized design, manufacturing, and assembly team. This specialized engineering team may include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, machinists, and assemblers.


chamber test small drawer fixtureSpecially designed for chamber tests.


tombstone fixtureSpecially designed to hold a quick connect pneumatic sealer.


custom leak test fixtureWe will design something perfect for your product and environment.

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Remote Monitoring & Configuration Software


  • Data archiving limited by diskspace
  • Displays of real time data
  • Full turnkey solution with one click discovery of new leak testers
  • Easy data export and import to SQL databases, Excel, etc.
  • Easy setup of one to many leak testers
  • Simple backup and restore of leak tester parameters
  • Comparison of all leak tester parameters
  • Different user permission levels

Test Types

A leak test is used to determine if an object, product, or system functions within a specified leak limit. Leaks occur when gas or liquid flow through an object via an imperfection or manufacturing defect such as holes, cracks, weak seals, ect. Leaks always flow from higher pressure to lower pressure; leak testers use pressure to generate and monitor that flow.


Zaxis’ instruments are built to meet a dynamic manufacturing environment. Quality, speed, and repeatability are at the forefront of the Zaxis design process. The compact size of the Zaxis testers enables them to be utilized in close proximity to test fixtures. A small internal volume, when combined with integrated sensors and a 24-bit analog to digital converter, allow Zaxis to offer the highest sensitivity on the market.


We stand behind our products and they are built to last. This makes the relationships we build with our customers just as important as the products themselves. With over 35 years of leak testing experience, our service team is ready to troubleshoot and address all of your concerns.

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