Leak Testers

The modular design of Zaxis leak testers enables us to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications.

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Industrial Leak Detection Systems


As a manufacturer of industrial components and devices used in critical applications, your clients depend on you to deliver leak-free parts that function at the highest level. Incorporating reliable leak detection systems into your production line will ensure you provide only the best parts that perform without issue, malfunction, or failure due to leaks.

Industrial detection systems manufactured by Zaxis are built to meet a dynamic manufacturing environment. Quality, speed, and repeatability are at the forefront of our design and engineering process. Our products feature compact sizes, small internal volumes, integrated sensors, and a 24-bit analog to digital converter to deliver the highest sensitivity on the market. Request a quote to get started with Zaxis today!

Industrial Leak Testing Devices

Zaxis PD Single-Channel Leak Tester

The Zaxis PD single channel leak tester is a wall-mounted single-channel instrument for manufacturing cell configurations. This leak tester is cost-effective and features an intuitive interface for straightforward setups.


  • Configured for pressure decay and vacuum decay test types
  • Internal volume of 0.8 cm3
  • 3” color touchscreen
  • .00001 PSI resolution

iKit Compact Leak Tester

Featuring a slim and compact design that saves on valuable manufacturing space, the iKit compact leak tester easily integrates into customized leak testing automations. It is an ideal component to be cascaded for synchronous operations using zHMI remote monitoring and configuration software.


Isaac HD Leak Tester

The Isaac HD leak tester is the workhorse of Zaxis’ line of leak detection equipment. With flexible capabilities packed into a compact design, this leak testing device can meet the demands of almost any application.


Zaxis 7i Leak Tester with touchscreen capabilities

The Zaxis 7i leak tester with touchscreen capabilities features the largest display screen of any of our leak detection equipment. It is intuitive, easy to use, and Ethernet/IP compatible.


Leak Tester Options & Accessories

Industrial leak testing devices can be customized and configured to meet the requirements of almost any use. To satisfy such a wide range of specifications, Zaxis offers many options, accessories, and upgrades to perfectly suit your facility. From high-quality thermally isolated aseptic valves to NEMA enclosures, we have the leak-testing components you need to complete your job without compromising quality.

Don’t see the exact leak testing accessory you require? Let us know. We’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Leak Testing Fixtures for Specialty Leak Detection Applications

Zaxis creates custom leak testing fixtures to solve applications that our standard products cannot test. We utilize our specialized design, manufacturing, and assembly team—including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, machinists, and assemblers—to create the best leak testing fixture for your application.

Drawer for Chamber Tests

chamber test small drawer fixtureA component designed specifically for chamber tests.

Pneumatic Sealer Tombstones

tombstone fixtureTombstones hold a quick connect pneumatic sealer.

Custom-Made Fixtures

custom leak test fixtureWe manufacture custom leak testing devices for your product and environment.

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