Mass Flow

Mass Flow

Test and Production Engineers are often faced with the task of measuring flow rate in products quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Mechanical flow measuring devices such as rotameters or flow meters can be insensitive, slow, and subject to operator errors. More accurate flow meters may still require an operator to record the reading and make

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Mass Flow over time

the pass or fail decision.

On the other hand, overly complicated flow testing equipment can be too elaborate for the task. Custom designed PLC based test equipment is frequently expensive and difficult to program. Furthermore long-term engineering support becomes more difficult.

The off the shelf solution of Isaac flow testers work with a high precision flow sensor and pressure sensor.  The Isaac has the advantage of a high resolution (24bit) digital readout with timers and limit settings so the pass or fail decision is determined by the programmed limits and not the operator.  Every part can be tested using the same high resolution flow sensor circuit. All of the flow test capability is within the small package size of the Isaac multi tester.

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