Custom Fabrication

For Precision Metering Pumps

Customize Your Metering Pump

When a challenging application cannot be solved by our standard products, we utilize our specialized design, manufacturing, and assembly team. This specialized engineering team includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, machinists, and assemblers. Zaxis Inc. operates in a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility optimized for developing custom products for challenging applications. We like being challenged by our customers because it provides a natural well for innovation.

Build the perfect pump for your Application


It is not unusual for Zaxis to work with very specific wetted path requirements, where SAN and CKC components have been substituted with PEEK and even molded solutions for high quantity. Fittings, seals, washers and other material should be verified by end user and design review by the Engineering Team at Zaxis.


Your eVmP pump may require that little extra something to complete a benchtop trial or design of experiments, for example Zaxis can design custom nozzles, reservoirs, tubing sets and mounting stands to help complete your project. Custom fixtures are inherent in our culture to provide the best of multiple pump and one-off pump solutions.

Note: Zaxis does not sell custom products without the sale of leak testers or pumps. Non-recurring engineering expenses will be applied for developing nonstandard products.

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