Zaxis Human Machine Interface

Remote Monitoring & Configuration of Zaxis Devices

The new Zaxis Human Machine Interface (zHMI) software can monitor up to 30 devices at once. The user-friendly interface makes operations such as start/stop or changing device parameters simple for individual devices or updating every device connected at once. The software can display live production statistics and save production history. The zHMI has a simple backup and restore function that will save important device settings.

Full remote control of Zaxis devices means no more in-person monitoring on the production floor. No more gowning-up in a clean room just to check progress or update a parameter. Many production lines today have large screens around the factory for simple production monitoring, the zHMI is perfect for this application.

The zHMI factory automation software is currently compatible with PC computers. Simply plug Zaxis devices into a wireless router and get full remote monitoring and control.


  • Data archiving limited by diskspace only, typically 10 Gb.
  • Displays of real time data.
  • Full turnkey solution with one click discovery of new leak testers.
  • Easy data export and import to SQL databases, Excel, etc.
  • Easy setup of one to many leak testers.
  • Simple backup and restore of leak tester parameters.
  • Comparison of all leak tester parameters.
  • Different user permission levels.

How Does zHMI Work?

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Compatible Devices

Isaac HD

Zaxis Isaac HD Multifunction leak tester

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Automated Leak Testing in a Small Package

Zaxis 7i

Zaxis 7i

Large Display Leak Tester

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